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6 Reasons Why Should Replace The Regular Windows With uPVC Windows?

Is your home decked with regular windows that offer top-notch aesthetics? And you are not looking forward to replacing them? You might have to reconsider. Here are some staggering statistics: Approximately 98% of households experience energy loss due to windows that are not performing effectively. This means that your house turns stone cold because of the heat loss and signals that you are spending more. 

A report shows that you will save a lot if your doors and windows are upgraded. Households with modern windows meeting current standards could potentially realise an annual savings of around £395.


What Is the Alternative? 

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) doors and windows! When examining residences throughout the UK, you are likely to discover that uPVC stands out as one of the most commonly chosen options for window installations. Over the past two to three decades, uPVC has significantly evolved and now represents a practical solution even for upscale properties.

uPVC doors and windows use plastic powder, which is resistant to pollution, moisture, rust, and mould. After cooling, uPVC is cut and prepared, along with other components, for assembly in the window. Because uPVC is an unplasticised material, indicating the absence of added plasticisers, it remains unsoftened and retains its strength. This characteristic makes uPVC windows and doors exceptionally durable and versatile in their functionalities.

uPVC Significantly Prevents Heat Loss

Brits should upgrade their homes with material like uPVC that can help prevent heat from escaping through walls, windows, and doors. These changes would help homeowners save hundreds of pounds each year, reducing the energy bills burden and simultaneously contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.

Benefits of uPVC

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, or uPVC, presents a successful blend of energy efficiency, longevity, and eco-friendliness. uPVC offers enhanced protection and a wide range of design options while reducing energy expenses and requiring less upkeep.

  • Energy saving

Since uPVC is a thermally insulating material, heat transmission can be resisted. Because of this feature, uPVC windows and doors are very good at minimising heat gain during warmer months and preventing heat loss during colder ones. Because uPVC is an insulator, it helps provide a more comfortable and stable interior environment, which reduces the demand for air conditioning and heating systems.

  • Reduced electricity bills

The installation of uPVC windows and doors can significantly decrease heat loss for homeowners. The effective seals and insulation offered by uPVC help preserve a steady indoor temperature, thereby reducing energy consumption in heating and cooling systems. Consequently, households can benefit from lower energy bills, establishing uPVC as a cost-efficient option over the long term.

  • Environmental impact

Diminished energy usage leads to decreased greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. Opting for uPVC aligns homes with sustainable principles, presenting an environmentally conscious decision for individuals who are mindful of the ecological consequences of their living spaces.

Besides these benefits that range from the fact that uPVC prevents heat loss, the windows also offer merits in other aspects. Following are some of these: 

  • Easy maintenance

Another advantage of uPVC windows, perhaps the significant one, lies in their maintenance-free nature, distinguishing them from regular windows. These windows resist dust, rust, corrosion, rot, and mould, eliminating the need for constant upkeep. Cleaning uPVC windows is a straightforward process – a simple wipe of the surface with a damp cloth dipped in soapy water is sufficient to restore their shine. This low-maintenance quality saves homeowners time and effort and ensures the prolonged durability and aesthetic appeal of uPVC windows.

  • Gel with the aesthetics

uPVC windows blend well with the modern aesthetics of any residential or commercial space. The clean lines, versatile design options, and smooth finishes of uPVC contribute to a contemporary and stylish look that enhances the overall appearance of any building. 

  • Durable

Due to its inherent strength and durability, uPVC is naturally resistant to forced entry. The sturdy composition of uPVC frames, coupled with their multi-chambered design, enhances the security features of homes. Attempting to breach uPVC windows and doors presents potential intruders with a formidable barrier, instilling homeowners with a sense of assurance regarding the security of their property.

Hopefully the benefits of upgrading to uPVC doors and windows are now clear. 

Lighten Your Electricity Bill with Us!

Filus is the ultimate abode of uPVC doors and windows!

Having served for ten years in this field, our expertise is beyond measure. Filus carries out in-depth surveys to customise alternatives that precisely complement your home. The excellent warranty coverage backs up our commitment to superb artistry.

A selection of high-performing uPVC windows and doors from Filus are available to enhance any house. The possibilities include patio doors, French doors, and various window designs like bow, bay, and casement windows. To accommodate a range of tastes, we also provide bi-fold doors, composite doors, conservatories, and cladding. 

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